”..and yeah, then we.. went on the.. plane..” he droned on.

I nodded, acting like I was taking this all in, but the reality was I was confused, lost within myself.

But then again, if Mike’s here, and I have no idea how I got here, then I must be in Europe, he kidnapped me while I was.. what was I doing? Ugh. I can’t remember.

I gazed at my surroundings. I couldn’t tell if it looked European – then it hit me – I could read something and see if it’s in English!

I stood up, and Mike just watched me. “What are you doing?”

“Where’s your newspaper?”

“Uh.. um.. yeah.. i-it’s..” he stuttered.

I rolled my eyes and searched the area – no newspaper to be found.

If I know his name, surely he knows mine.. I think, giving up on the newspaper idea.

“Mike – what’s my name?”


“My name, Mike, my name! What is it?!”


That’s not my name..

“Who are you?!” I threw a vase with flowers at him.

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