We sit there for hours, clicking from channel to channel, until at once Shade stopps pressing the Channel Up button and starts to snoring.

I gently pluck the remote out of his hands and turn the TV off. Without a second thought, I grab my pillow and plop it on top of his face to muffle the snores. He doesn’t even flinch, but continues snoring.

I stand up and decide to try to meditate – apparently, it’s relaxing, though I’ve never tried it. Crossing my legs in that odd way that they do, I make my fingers in an ‘o’ shape, and start to “Ohmm”. Closing my eyes, I let my mind wander where ever it pleased, and I must say, I visited some pretty strange places.

After what I thought was an hour at most, Shade wakes up and pushes me over.

“Hey!” I yell at him.

“It’s time to go meet Rachel.” he says, excitedly.

“No way! What time is it?!”

“It’s noon, babe.”

Holy crap does that stuff work.

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