“Cee, Cee, What are you doing here so early,” Lucy said.

“I don;t know how to say this, but, my mom saw your car speed away, after my dog Cotton was hit, know anything about that?,” I said impatiently.

“Cee, Cee, I can explain.. I didn’t mean it, I was drinking, I know that doesn’t excuse it. I was scared, please don’t tell Joe,...I..,” Lucy began to cry right there on their front porch.

I felt like a heel. Wait she killed my dog!!!

I hauled off and punched her in the face with my best non-girlies right hook. My fist crashed into her nose, blood sprayed all over their white front door.

Walking down the path , I turned to her and said, “That was for Cotton.” And I walked away crying.

Joe came up the path, looked at me, looked at his sister, and he knew that I knew his sister killed my dog.

“Cee Cee,” Joe said, ” I swear I didn’t know about it until you’re mom described the car. I’m so sorry.” He offered me his shoulder to cry on and I never felt closer to anyone in my life.

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