The Voice

As I watched Anna disappear under the murky water, I hoped she would be all right. Then I returned my attention to the scene about me. They were coming towards me on the water.
It’s too late for you. They said. You are Ours.
I could feel the last vestiges of my strength ebbing. Just when I thought I was a goner for sure, there was a bright white flash.
Time seemed to slow down as I heard another voice in my mind. It’s not too late, James.
It was a soft, feminine sounding voice. I knew instinctively to trust it.
Who are you?
There is no time for questions now. All will be answered in time. I can help you. Just let me in.
I was a little afraid to let someone else completely into my mind. What if she was one of Them?
I’m not, James. You just have to trust me. said the Voice.
Trust me.

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