Lone Writer's 50th Ficlet: Crossover Challenge

This is only my second challenge but I think it will be more fun than my first! This is my 50th Ficlet! Hurrah! I feel so special!
The challenge goes like this, you must write a crossover! Not just any crossover, mind you, but a crossover using the characters from any of my ficlets and the characters from any of your ficlets. (Please only use characters that have names)
No, you are not allowed to use the characters from anyone else’s ficlet, just yours and mine. You’re not allowed to make up a new character either! I’m doing this because I want to see how many different directions you guys can take one of my characters.
I’m not self obssesed or anything.
Oh yeah, and please mention which characters you used and from where.

Now… Ready, Set… What are you waiting for?! Write!

The challenge ends December 30th.

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