All or Nothing (LoneWriter's challenge), Tanya & Willie

After I buried my bestest friend in this whole wide world, one Marshall Cole Talbot, I kicked the dirt from Liberty Junction and never looked back on it agin.

In a town called Hadleyville I met the dangdest female I ever did see.

Her name was Tanya.. the very name took my breath away.

She was tall, slim, her muscle tone was good fer a woman. She was a bounty huntress.

The first thing I noticed bout Tanya, besides her beautiful green eyes, were the pistols on her holster. That woman, I knew was gonna cause me a whole heap of troubles.

I introduced myself at the saloon, “Well howdy do darlin, I’m Willie Noble, fastest gun in the west.”

She turned toward me slowly, she took her sweet time in answering me. “Well, you don’t say, care to put your money where your big mouth is?,” Tanya said sarcastically.

“What’s the target, and the wager, my darlin?,” I asked.

“Why each other of course, all or nothing, unless you’re scared?,” she said.

She drew her pistols and fired while I stared into her eyes.

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