Directions (Daniel Gate)

Daniel blinked a few times, but the arrow and its text remained. He hesitantly reached out a hand and ran his fingertips over the letters.

The paint was dry. How long has this been here? he wondered. And how did they know I would stop here and see it?

Daniel resisted the urge to pinch himself and decided to follow the invisible instructor. He walked carefully down the street in the direction the arrow had indicated. This has to be a joke, he assured himself.

He spotted an identical blue arrow, painted meticulously onto the brick wall of an alleyway. There was no accompanying text this time. Daniel cautiously peeked down the alley, but it looked innocuous enough. There were a few private offices and residences from the looks of it.

He took a breath of the night air and walked down the alley, looking for the next arrow.

He stopped abruptly as he came to a door with a third blue arrow pointing directly upward. Below the arrow was a hand-written note:


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