Time goes by in so many ways that some of us don’t see.
Time is the years that go by while you wait to see a mircal happen.
Time is the months that go by as you wait for YOU one true love to knock on your door.
Time is the weeks that go by standing still in blankness.
Time is the days that go by as you wait for him to call you again.
Time is the hours that go by while you sit and watch Television.
Time is the minutes that go by as you fall father and farther in to debt for your self dignity.
Time is the seconds that go by waiting for the minutes to go by but nothing happens.
Time is everything we want and nothing more but we are tiny specks of dust a world fulll of celebertics and famous people.But even though we are so small we can be big one day, one hour, on month or one year,one TIME !

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