Shut Down

She seemed so sincere, I decided to trust her. O.K. I thought.
Thank You.
Then I felt Anna’s presence in the back of my mind,she was O.K.! I heard a soft buzzing,as if someone was having a conversation that I was too far away to hear.I sensed it was Anna and the Voice.
I can’t keep Them in slow motion for long.So we have to do this now. the Voice said.
I’m Ready.
Tell Anna to shut down.
WHAT ?! I thought franticly.
For this to work,Anna has to leave your mind completely.
She must have felt my fear because she then said, It will be fine.She only has to leave for a couple minuets.
I took a deep breath and reached out for Anna with my mind. I told her that she had to shut down.I felt the flare of fear she expierienced, she had never shut me out before.
Then I felt her bring herself under control and then her presence vanished from my mind, completely. It was a unnerving expierience,not being able to feel Anna.
Are you ready?
Yes. I opened my mind to her and felt her take over.

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