What's Happening?!

What’s happening to me? Stacy wondered as she walked through the pastures.
How could I be so mean to Eloise?
For the past week strange things had been happening to her and around her.
Buildings had collapsed twice,when she was in the area. She was inexplicably tired and irritated, and she had snapped at Eloise when she had asked what was wrong.
When Stacy told her parents about the buildings, they said that it was just a coincidence she shouldn’t worry about and then quickly changed the subject.
Stacy sat down on her favorite rock, next to the river and wrapped her arms around her legs. It was all so confusing, she didn’t know what she should do.She rested her head on her knees and closed her eyes. After a moment she heard a strange noise, it was getting louder by the second!
Stacy’s head came up and her eyes widened in fear.

The river had turned to sand,golden brown flowing sand.

Stacy started to cry from fear, not knowing what was wrong with her.
There’s nothing wrong with you.

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