All's Well That Ends Well {THX Challenge}

The divorce papers were on the desk in front of me.
Josh stormed in the door; did you sign them he asked.
No, my eye’s filled with tears; please don’t do this Josh what did I do, I can change, just tell me what you want.
He pulled a pin from his pocket and pitched it in front of me. Then leaned over, looked me in the eye ” I don’t love you “ he snapped, now sign the damn papers.
My heart skipped a beat, it was over. I snatched the pin and scribbled my signature across the page. I couldn’t look at him; I pushed him out of my way and slammed the door behind me.
“All my fault, I can change, what the hell am I saying, it was him”.
I entered the parking garage; lit my cigg, looked up; there it was his pride and joy.
My keys in my hand, “If he put as much work into our marriage” dragging them down the side of his four wheel drive. I took the tire iron from the bed of his truck and bashed both headlights, then the windows.
Smiling; I backed up to admire my work “All’s well that ends well” .

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