Storm Cruiser Sinks

When they emerged from the cabin,Quarry,Morgan,Seline and Rory were devastated.The ship was completely abandoned.The people that had been left were swept overboard and drowned by the wave.To make matters worse, Storm Cruiser was sinking rapidly.
“We have to jump!”Rory shouted over the wind.”It’s the only way!”
The girls seemed to be stunned by the carnage aboard the ship.They were unable to move.Morgan took Seline’s hand and ran towards the ripped out section of the railing.Rory grabbed Quarry and followed suit.Morgan only hesitated a moment before jumping overboard with Seline.Rory didn’t hesitate at all because he knew he wouldn’t have jumped if he did.
They splashed into the freezing waves and started to swim away from the ship.They remembered that if they stayed close the current from the sinking Storm Cruiser would pull them under and they would drown.
Seline could swim,but not very well Morgan noticed. He was practically pulling her along.The waves broke over her head and she coughed and sputtered.

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