Back to the Present

“She was there,” Simon stated.

“What was that, babe?” Angela asked.

“In the past. I was in the past. Here, ten, maybe twenty, minutes ago,” Simon replied. “And there was a woman here too. Dressed all in black with sunglasses on. But she wasn’t here, not the first time around.”

“What?” answered Blake, a side-long, steely gaze directed at Simon.

“Thereā€¦” Simon started again, “there was a woman here before that wasn’t here. And she saw me, seeing her, and disappeared. Is this making any sense? Do you understand this?”

“No,” Angela replied with a shake of her head.

“Yes,” said Blake.

Both Angela and Simon turned their attention to Blake, almost simultaneously asking: “What?”

“Perfect sense,” Blake said. “And we’re in way over our heads.” Blake flipped open his cellphone.

“Oh no you don’t,” Simon shouted. “Who’re you calling?”

“Some friends,” Blake replied. “Heavy-hitters.”

“That didn’t work out so great last time,” Simon reminded him.

“Yea,” Blake chuckled. “But this time I’m calling professionals.”

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