My boots were filled with sludgy water, seeping in as I trudged through the flooded house. My mind kept wandering. What will I have for dinner? Does Anne want me to pick something up from the store?

I knew I should have bought new boots, I grumbled.

I checked room-to-room. The smell of the mud and mildewy furniture followed me. In one bedroom, I found a bloated hand and the bald head of the man. I used the walkie-talkie. One dead found. Male. Didn’t have a chance.

The hill behind the house had given in from the massive rains. No amount of sandbagging would have saved this house.

I trudged on. I could feel the mud between my toes. Socks soaked. I’ll have to shower at the station, I thought. Anne won’t let me into the house like this.

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