The Facility*

She stepped through the archway eyes closed, head held high.
“It’s intoxicating, can you feel it” stretching her arms out as wide as the arches.
She took a deep peaceful breath and opened her eyes.
Libby walked softly, almost floating up the stone path taking in the beauty of the garden, wide eyed totally fascinated by the butterflies that filled the air.
Dr. Grant waited patiently at the entrance to greet them.
Libby saw him and in a sudden sober panic turned to Martin,
“I can’t do this”.
Martin took her by her arms gave her a firm shake,
“look at me, you can do this, you must do this”.
Martin fumbbled searching through his pockets,
finding her pills he push one into her mouth.
Libby swallowed and took another deep breath.
The trembling stopped; she managed to regain her composure to continue the walk.
The pill didn’t take long to enter her blood stream.
She took a few more steps her knees buckled a little;
Martin lifted her in his arms and carried her into the facility.

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