The Book{OTOC's challenge}

Why o why did I have to open that book?It looked so harmless.I mean,it was just a book,right?I thought that the owner was just joking around.Now I dont even know where I am.I slowly get up and try to find my way through the spindly,dead trees.Idont know why I dont take the road,it wuld make it alot easier to find me.Thats why.It must be my dads military life manifesting itself.I creep through the underbrush,it scratches my skin as I wander through it.Somethings wrong,I can feel it.Then it hits me like a bolt of lightning.Its silent.No birds.No nothing.I walk for what seems like hours,but its probobly nothing more than minutes.Then I hear something.I drop to the ground as quietly as possible.Then I chuckle to myself as I realize its only water;there must be a stream nearby.I push my way through the underbrush quickly,eager for a drink.As I bend down to drink from the clear,cold stream,I hear another noise.Not the stream this time.I whip around as the bush to my left rustles ominously.

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