A Link to the Past

“That’s not gonna frakkin cut it,” Simon replied.

Blake gave him a hard look, then roamed his gaze over to Angela; she bore a simply confused expression. “You never heard this,” Blake said.

“Heard what exactly?” Angela asked.

“This,” Blake responded, flipping his phone open. “Voice I.D. Robert Anthony Blake. Code name The Operator. Classification Sword & Stone. Authorization code mokroye delo,” Blake said into the receiver. “Priority activation of Thor’s Hammer. Operation profile Stealing Thunder. Target location Chicago, Illinois, United States. Project assignment of The Baron. Priority activation of Lazarus Cured. Operation profile Judgement Day. Same target location. Project assignment of The Cleaner.”

Blake closed his cellphone, both Simon and Angela staring at him with their mouths open.

“What was…” Angela started. “Who was that?”

“How did you think I pay the bills doing what I do?” Blake replied. “I’ve got a benefactor: The Vatican. And I just called in the other survivors from my ‘Nam unit.”

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