The Diner Diaries: Retro Atmosphere

Madge shed her layers of sweaters, coats and scarves and tossed them onto the seat of the booth they were seated at. She straightened her skirt and sat across from Joe while the waitress waited impatiently for them to give her their drink orders. Madge ordered a coffee, and with downcast eyes, Joe mumbled to the waitress for a tall glass of chocolate milk.

“How childish,” Madge muttered as the waitress walked away. Joe dramatically pretended to pound a fist on the table.

“Excuse me Madame, but that was a man-sized chocolate milk,” he said with an air of distaste that equally matched Madge’s.

They sat in complete silence, listening to the music coming from the sound system. The diner continually played “classic oldies” all day to try an recreate an “authentic” retro atmosphere.

Joe glared hatefully at the jukebox that pounded out the sounds of Rock Around The Clock with no disdain.

“Joe, you look so mournful, stop it,” Madge said with a hint of malice.

“You always say that,” he said.

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