Not For All The Money In The World

You beat yourself up to bring yourself down.
He stares at these seemingly random words on the wall of the bathroom where he is currently relieving himself. Yet, they seem to be there just for him. Because that is what he has been doing all these years.
Up until this very moment, his life had been a series of haphazard jobs and unplanned romances. None of which had fulfilled his ever growing dreams and desires. But one day that changed. Well, actually, it took months, but that’s to be expected when a child is left casually on your doorstep.
From that day forth, things had felt funderful. He brushed himself off and began to take responsibility seriously.
He found a job. A good job, so he could take care of himself and his child. And now, at this unscheduled stop, he was reminded exactly how he had gotten here. As he exits the grimy gas station bathroom, he smiles. He wouldn’t change a single minute. Not for all the money in the world.

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