Parting is such sweet sorrow...

The rain fell hard and fast. The form of two people could be seen through the downpour. It was a woman leaning over a man who was lying in a pool of his own blood. She held him in her arms hoping against hope that he wouldn’t leave her. Hoping that some miracle would happen to save the one she loved.

Her eyes swelled with tears as she gazed into his own. The beautiful brown that usually greeted her was fading as if they contained his very soul.

The tears that she cried were masked by the drops of water cascading from the skies and the man in her arms had to blink to notice.

“Are you crying?”

His words seemed to echo through her mind and felt like sharpened daggers to her breaking heart. She fiddled with the seams of his yellow shirt and tried her hardest to ignore the spatters of red that coated it.

Nodding, she pressed her forehead to his and let out a sigh. He knew what she was feeling. He was feeling it too. Reaching out a hand to touch her face he coughed spitting blood which ran down his chin.

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