Puppet Strings

They hold me up when I want to fall.
They pull me back when I want to walk.
They make me move when I want to stay still.
They are always telling me what to do.
They are parents ruling your life.
They are expectations you’re forced to live up to.
They are my prison, they are my cage.
They are what hold me where I don’t want to stay.
If they let me go I surely would fall.
Back to my depression along with it all.
However here they are, not letting me go.
They are my friends who support me.
They are here helping me through.
They keep me from the sadness of life.
If they let me go I would disappear.
You’d never see me anymore around here.
The strings are what hold me back
from what I’ve been contemplating for years.
They are the things that I would be forced to leave behind.
If I was to do it.

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