Mirror Image

Walking down the halls
Head down, eyes on feet, arms crossed
Walking straight ahead towards my destination
Nobody notices me so why look up
I’m just one person in a school full of thousands
People walk by me and around me
As if I’m not even here
A tear rolls down my cheek
These people don’t know me, though some think they do
They don’t know I cry myself to sleep
They don’t know I’ve cut my wrist in the darkness of my room
What they know is the false me
The nice one who smiles all the time
The hyper girl who makes others smile
The one who gets smiles from guys and others call beautiful
That may be what they see in me
But thats not what I see in myself
I look in the mirror each night
What I see is a depressed little girl
I don’t see the beauty others apparently see
I see straw like hair and a ruddy complexion
She looks tired, as though she has never slept
I throw others off through smiles and sarcasm
An expert at faking a life
But one day they’ll know, I’m not what they think I am

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