Heather Leigh

I was so tempted to turn around and all but kill him verbally. I walked out, not ready to check out, just leaving for the moment. I walked down to the bank, only a few blocks away and walked in. What was the forged last name? Grr, if only I could remember, well, the line’s 4 miles long, no rush. Heather.. Heather who? What was my name? I prayed they’d recognize my face when I walked up, if the line would move any more than a half an inch per hour. The thing I hated the most about America. The lines. I looked around and sighed. It hit me! Leigh! Heather Leigh. That was right. And just in time. I was at the front.

“Heather Leigh’s savings account, please?” I put in my PIN and asked for enough money to pay for new clothes and the room, since we were going to be staying with Rachel.

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