Because We're Mutants: Escape!

There speechlessness soon turned to terror when the alarms in the safe house all began to blare simultaneously.
“What’s happening?!” Quasar and Marquee cried at the same time.
Derrick looked pale. “They’ve breached the safe house!”
Quasar and Marquee stared at him blankly.
“Don’t you get it?! They’ve found us!” he shouted. “We have to get out of here!”
Derrick took off down one of the corridors, with Quasar and Marquee close behind. At the end of the hallway was…
A motorboat sat there waiting for them. Derrick vaulted over the side into it and began pushing buttons like a maniac. Quasar and Marquee sat behind him. The motor roared to life and a steel door came down sealing them off from the corridor.
They roared down the underground river, the sound of shouting and shots ringing out above them.
“Will they find us, Derrick?” Quasar asked fearfully.
No Answer.
“Derrick…” Marquee started.
“I don’t know.”

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