There is No Beginning, There is Only An End

I was afraid.Afraid of what?I didn’t know.All I know is that I had to get out of here.My head hurt.No wait – everything hurt. I was lying on the ground,knife in his hands,blood everywhere.He,my father,was trying to kill me.I didn’t want him to succeed.I wanted to live.Live until I was at least 18.Only one year away.So close,but yet,so far.My sister,she was upstairs,hiding.Shes lucky.I hope she calls for help,I thought. Once again,I felt pain spring up my spine.Stab number 9.I was lying on the ground of the living room,my mind spinning with all the memories here,in my home.I started to close my eyes.I felt everything drift away.Then I heard the sound of a opened door,the sound of people yelling.I heard my dad’s voice too.They arrested him.I could hear the sound of the paramedics running toward me and my mother crying.One paramedic whispered in my ear,”You’ll be ok.We’ll make sure of that.I promise that you will live a long healthy life.” But the promise was never kept. And that was the last thing I heard.

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