I'm it? Shit

I passed through Chilton’s Ford late this morning. I’ve been living rough and sleeping in the woods, so, no wonder they didn’t throw me a parade when I walked into town.

I used a few of my last coins to buy some bread and cheese and continued on my way. I know where I’m not wanted.

I spent the rest of the day looking for a place to camp. I had no interest in making distance, just getting some rest.

Finally, I just dropped myself in a small grove I walked into. I was out like a light the moment I lay down.

And the next thing I know, there’s some guy leaning over me yelling, “Tag! You’re It!”

I kind of jumped up, thinking, “What the Fuck?”, and I notice this charm stuck to my chest. There was a chain on it, but not around my neck, and I noticed that the charm didn’t fall off when I moved.

I was just about to ask the guy what was going on when he ran off into the woods. He was laughing out loud as he ran.

That didn’t seem good.

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