Passing Window TV Displays

It had been four days since Adrien had run off after Vicky, and Greg hadn’t seen either of them since. He cursed the snow, and the weather, and then took it back because he really didn’t like to curse anything.

Said snow drifted and melted in cold rivulets along his stiff face as he walked beside the ostentatious windows of shops advertising Christmas. Through one, he saw seemingly hundreds of televisions, all stacked up behind the glossy glass. Each one was turned to a local news station, broadcasting from what looked to be the Statue of Liberty.

“For those of you who have just joined us, we’re covering our breaking news story. Eyewitnesses have reported seeing a figure jump from the top of the Statue of Liberty. It is suspected suicide, though foul play has not been dismissed. We repeat…”

Somehow, Greg knew who it was. He ran off towards Ellis Island, just having long enough to wonder how it was that heroes always happened to see the right news story on passing window TV displays.

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