Bad Boys Make Bad Girls

Feeling a headache coming on, Emma rubs her temples—and discovers a lump at the corner of each one. “What in the hell?”

“Actually, it’s what in a hell,” the demon says. “There are lots of them. I’m from the Hell of Lust and Partying. Once knew a gal from the Hell of Torture, Punishment, and Things That Get Stuck Between Your Teeth When There’s No Toothpick In Sight, but it just didn’t work out, she was too big on S&M—”

Emma feels something odd at the base of her spine, and then almost loses her balance. “…I’m top-heavy now? What’s happening to me?”

“Oh. You didn’t know? If you have sex with a demon ten times in less than 24 hours, you become demonic yourself.”

“I’ve caught…demon herpes?”

“You’re gonna be a succubus. Really cute one, too,” the demon leers. “You might never have trouble getting laid again.”

Emma looks in the mirror. The lumps are developing into little horns, she’s gone up three cup sizes so far, and a barbed tail is starting to poke out from behind her. “Oh, great.

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