that other girl (maybe misery's christmas challenge)

Born with one older sister, a chinese mom and an european father, this, my father has told me was an interesting story from the beginning.
My sister and I have always had a special bond. When i was little and couldnt speak yet, my sister would be able to tell my parents what I wanted. Accurate every single time.
My sister was the big one, almost killing my mother two years before I was born.
The day I was born, my father was 50, my mother, 31, maybe this is one of the reasons I’m so open to so many things.

Out family adopted a cat when I was 2, my sister,4. We were excited, barely able to contain ourselves…for a week.

My grandmother on my father’s side passed away when i was 3. I don’t remember her, but we have a high resemblence, judging fro the pictures I have seen.
My father has also mentioned that I am very similar to his fifth sibling, Tom, who passed away before I was born and able to meet him.
My grandfather on my father’s side also passed away before I was able to meet him.

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