Everything Will Blow Pt. 4

Steven could tell I was bound and determined that we would make an appearance to support a couple of friends of ours who were going to be the first gay couple to be legally married in London.

The current climate around London had really become dangerous, even for us. We’d had several groups of protesters at some of our gigs and we even had to stop a couple of shows because of some nasty fights in the crowd.

Steve heaved a great sigh. “Ash… Have you not been watching the news? They’re expecting the worst; everyone from both sides will be at this wedding and it only takes a spark to start a fire. I would just hate to see you caught up in that. You know I’m only trying to look out for you.”

It was my turn to sigh. “I understand Steven, I really do, and of course I’ve been watching the news. But if I’m not there – if we’re not there – to show our support for our friends, then we’re hypocrites.” A-ha, I got him with that one. I smiled triumphantly and began to get ready.

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