All of dream

Running from nothing it seems. seemingly its a ghost. when did it rise, why aren’t we surprised. Its a familiar face none the less we have seen her before it must be that dress. We found her down the hall she was barely seen. She looked at us then she was gone again. But is she gone for good, will we see her again. The evening fades into the night will she come out will she shed some light on her abouts of why she is here. The old man who was dead has now risen from the rocking chair. Convinced we are its the abnormal happenings here. Then she appears in an instant flash we are no longer here, but where are we. This place, it doesnt look familair, these faces i mustve dreamed before, is this the place where we go from there, she looks at me and slowly talks, a soft sweet voice, here is no worry’s, then she was gone again and the old man finally disappeared, then a loud voice is suddenly heard telling me i can finally wake again.

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