Questions {7}

I simply stared at him, taking it all in when all I really wanted to do was to block it out. He blinked, belched, and then patted his corpulent belly and turned toward the door. He began to waddle away. I felt the urgent need to stop him, to ask him some questions, to do something, but I couldn’t find my voice. The words were on my tounge and ready to be said but my voice was reluctant to obey. I had so many questions.

“Wait… Officer!” I called out, but he was already gone. I felt the cold semblance of a tear streak my face, feeling my apparent solitude for the first time. Where were those people who cared about me?

Just as that thought slipped into my mind, the nervous intern half-stumbled into the room.
“H-how are you doing, Miss Stilwell?”
“Shadoe.” It came out as more of a question than a request, though I’m sure it was hard to tell that I said anything at all. I was trying so hard to keep back the tears, my throat felt constricted as if I was swallowing the tears.

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