An Unreasonable Request III

“What is that supposed to mean?” I grew visibly annoyed with the smile that I had cherished not only minutes before.

“It means that if you help me, Jamie, not only will you have saved this city from destruction, but the significance of my death will be fodder to finally end this. That is why I am defiant while this virus lies dormant.”

I finally sat down at the table again and grabbed her slender hand. Despite her smile, I could feel the small trembles as she pulled it away. “I can’t lose you. Ever since the quarantines you’re the one thing that has kept me sane.”

Our visits had become few and far between since the simultaneous colonial outbreak. As I sat there, stared and pondered her query, I remembered the day that made every one of us regret ever signing up for this.

The emergency message came across our personal communication devices which were attached at the wrist. From there, the data was silently sent directly to our cochlear implants.

“Attention Citizens of December Colony…”

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