Wee World IIa - Found Art

A week later, I get another call from Sid.

“Um, buddy? We got a little problem down here. Your slide. We’re having trouble with it. Coefficient of friction’s all off. Mind coming by and taking a look?”

I stopped by that afternoon. Sid had it populated, I saw.

“Kids. Wife’s cousins saw it, wanted to know if they could vacation there. We popped a couple of chalets on, robo-support, and the kids took off down the slide. Three of ‘em ended up in orbit when they hit that “hill” you put in… two more started smoking when they got up a good head of steam and hit that corduroy patch up around 85 degrees latitude. WTF , man?”

“Hey, man, this is a concept. I worked with found objects, man. Remember the corduroy asteroids from Jerry’s job? That’s half the slide.”

Sid groaned.

“I gotta explain this to my wife and her family?!? I hope you got a nice couch for me to crash on… they’re blaming ME for ruining their outing.”

I sighed, gave Sid my access code, and started redesigning the corduroy section.

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