Snide Aside

Checking out the aerial scans I saw a small outcropping a little to the east of the mech. I switched on the communicator.

“Sweeper, arc around to east 35 degrees 23. From there you should be able to take it out with the Tungre laser.”

“Okay, Strake. You don’t want me to use the plasma cannon?”

“Too noisy, and with the laser we can reuse it’s skin for your disguise.”

“Sounds good,” Sweeper said. Though something in his words worried Strake. Sweeper had been badly damaged before all this happened, maybe he needed to go to Aegis for a complete diagnostic? “What are you doing? Let me fire!”

“You’re going to miss,” Jiana snapped. “Your targeting algorithm is too inaccurate. Your goddamn intelligence is way too low.”

“Jiana,” I swore softly, “I’m going to flush you out of the system, I swear…”

“Tough luck Roadie. I’ve infiltrated into Sweeper’s core memory tracks. Flush me, you lose Sweeper too. Trust me it’s an improvement.”

“Strake, she’s changed me. I’m different.”

Damn. Damn. Damn.

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