And the winner of the YodaOnCrack Halloween Challenge is....

Before I announce the winner, I narrowed all of these to the top 10. This was HARD !!

Many entries missed the top 10 list by just a hair…

10 LIGHT by BARomero
9 Nothing to Hold On To by pens&feathers
8 Blood Line by Tales from the Script
7 Becoming Lillia by someday 93
6 The Black, Black Room by Uselessness
5 Even the Voices Have Left Me by KermitGorf
4 Zombie Ants by Howie Amourscow
3 And I’m Going Down, All the Way by THX 0477
2 When You Gaze Into the Abyss by Batak Beatrix


The Song of the Pitchforked Children
by artistsrunwild

I’ll send you a note to follow up, artistsrunwild.

Honorable Mentions

The Shadow Wraith by Lone Writer

Biological Warfare by Blueyedwonder.

Fortunes Best Left Untold by Saint Chuck

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And no, Lone Writer, I didn’t forget… : ) Your entry is almost ready for me to post on the blog…

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