Everything Will Blow Pt. 5

Steven sighed heavily. “Fine… I’ll go but only because I think it’s safer if we all go together. Right Ian?” Ian, who had just walked into the room with more beer, looked puzzled.

“Sure, right. What am I agreeing to?”

“Going with Ash and myself to Simon and Rory’s wedding.”

“Oh. Are you sure that’s a good idea? I thought we weren’t going to go.” he asked, settling down with his beer.

“Apparently Miss thing here believes it would be hypocritical of us to miss it.”

I rolled my eyes at Steven. He only called me that when I had him beat. “Ian, it’s Simon… how could we miss his big day?”

Ian nodded his head. “Good point. I suppose we’d better get ready then Stevie.”

I grinned at my boys. It was such a delicious thrill to sort of get in there and cause a bit of civil unrest. It made me feel alive.

Looking back though, I wish I’d listened to Steve.

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