Destination Unknown (Daniel Gate)

Knowing that further questions would be fruitless, Daniel placed the package in his basket, mounted his bike, and started riding back down the dock.

So, I’m supposed to ride until the destination jumps in front of me, Daniel thought. Given the night’s events, he decided this one was no stranger than the rest.

He ran all the clues, notes, and dialog through his head, trying to glean any hints from them. Daniel headed back towards the city and his more familiar delivery routes. I can do this. I just have to figure out where to go.

After biking in circles for nearly an hour, Daniel started to doubt he could solve the puzzle. He decided to go back to square one. He headed towards the alley he had been led to at the start of the adventure.

As he rode past heavy traffic, he noticed a sleek silver car weaving in and out of lanes in a great hurry. Daniel didn’t think much of it until the car ran a red light, narrowly avoided cars coming through the intersection, and started heading right for him.

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