How To Be Happy, Even If You Already Are Part 4

Today’s modern human holds their emotions in for the sake of dignity, but is that really worth happiness? That was a rhetorical question so put your hands down. To put it simply enough for a moron to understand (i.e. you), screaming chases away those bad ol nasties before they can harm your smile factory of giggles.

Though one important thing to remember is to never let your current location hinder you from screaming. If you’re in a company meeting, and Janet’s overbearing perfume is irritating your nose, let her know through the long lost art of shouting. If the grocery clerk refuses to acknowledge your coupon, throw a temper tantrum in the middle of the 10 items or less line. Finding new and exciting places to scream can be as rewarding as coming home to a hot meal prepared by your loving monkey.

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