I Promise

What could possibly have made you start?
Was it really that bad?
There are plenty worse things that could happen to you.
I promise.

You’ve told me something
A secret to keep
But if I keep it much longer
It’s that much longer your not sober.
It’s that much longer you smoke.
It’s that much longer your high.
So just let me go
Let me get you help
It’ll be better in the long run.
I promise.

You’ll be better
You’ll be freer
You’ll be happier.
All the things that they promised you would happen when you start..
..only happens when you stop.
I promise.

So please
Come with me
To find you help
That’s all they want to do.
I promise.

Because really
Do you seriously believe
That they’re going to hurt you any worse then what your already doing?
They won’t.
I promise.

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