The trees rushed by, twigs snapped, leaves flew up, rocks slid across the ground. They tripped on the bumpy ground, but still, they ran faster.
“Vikki come on!” James yelled, “they’re catching up!
They were running, running from the pain of the New World. Vikki was running out of breath, but she keept running, running for happiness, for adventure.They were nearing the edge of their prison, Vikki could see the break in the trees, she and James jumped into the clearing The Border Wall stood tall and forboding. Suddenly, Vikki tripped and fell on the ground, she could hear the people screaming behind them.
“There they are! I can see them!” someone cried
“Quick Vikki take my hand!” James said
“James we can’t!” Vikki wispered
“We have to, there’s no other way!” James wispered back
Jame pulled Vikki up and pulled her close. His wings unfurled as they slipped out of the slits in the back of his shirt. They beated up and down, and they flew over the wall, They flew into happiness, into freedom, into Oblivion.

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