I pull up a cab and tell him to take me to Starbucks, where I was to meet up with Rachel.

I wonder if Shade’s already there? But of course he was. He probably left the minute I was gone.

Finally, I arrive. Walking in, I search around to find that Rachel isn’t here, so I head on over to the counter and order a mocha chocha latte and add tons of sugar. Rachel remembered me as a hyper type of person, and I needed all the fake “hyperness” that I could get.

Suprisingly enough, Shade wasn’t there. Maybe they left and went to her house? But then again, would she leave me here? Things change over time, I suppose.

Before I go, though, I head to the bathroom. These latte’s always go right through me, why I even drink them anymore..

I open the door, touch up my make-up, and head out.

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