Babies. Everywhere.

Babies. They’re everywhere.

I just wanted some time alone. It’s Saturday, but sometimes work makes a nice excuse to get away from the wife and kid. There’s only so much Curious George and Cinderella I can take from my daughter. The wife is always wanting me to “work on the house”. Isn’t the roof overhead enough? Why do we need new kitchen cabinets? The dishes haven’t outgrown the current ones. So work it is.

...or so I thought. While checking email, I see something peeking at me from the closet. At second glance, there’s nothing there, but I swear I pick up the aroma of wet diaper. Then I hear something rattle. Must be coming from the alleyway.

I try to get back to work, but I feel a change in the air. I turn around and see…


They’re everywhere.

On the printer, in the desk drawers, under the lamp shade, pulling off diapers.Then it starts… Hundred of babies crying in discordant chaos.

My wife wakes me. I fell asleep on the couch.

“Honey.”, she says, “We’re having another baby!”.


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