The Low-Carb Kid vs. Mr. Body Alarm

The Low-Carb Kid just wanted to finish reading his cookbook. There were thousands of excellent, extremely healthy, low-carb recipes just waiting to be discovered. Then a heavyset man in a yellow jumpsuit, wearing a leather fanny pack yelled across the room at him!

“Low-Carb Kid! The Zoo Keeper sent me here to finish what he started!”

It was Mr. Body Alarm. He had one of the highest pitched body alarms ever created. The Low-Carb Kid couldn’t allow him to pull the string to it. He pulled one of his best steak knives from his belt and said, “Don’t make any sudden moves, Mr. Body Alarm. You’ll regret it.”

Mr. Body Alarm tried to go for the string, but The Low-Carb Kid’s lightning fast instincts kicked in and he tossed the knife, but instead of hitting the body alarm as he intended, the knife went right between Mr. Body Alarm’s eyes, killing him instantly.

“Um, Oops!” he said.

To distract the bookstore patrons, The Low-Carb Kid set fire to the cookbook section, and then quickly fled the scene.

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