The angry mob came in search of me; to take me in for a crime they knew I didn’t commit..

He had been in thought for a while; knowing that the hour of his death was apraoching. Fear set in-but the only thing he could do was swallow his emotions and be strong..

“here I am” he said.. with a stern voice of confidance.. Pete a loyal friend tryed to stop them, but even he knew the time had come. “Its okay pete I’ll go.”

The judge in his black robe had a somber look of displeasment..the noise of the crowd was echoing full of whispering lies…The judges voice spoke…”order…I will have order….”Thier voices became still..”Your honor the defendant is being acused of blasphamey and unbecoming..these acusations and statments that the people present is undeniable..we ask judgment be settled swiftly.” The judge spoke..”what do you have to say for yourself-are these statements true.” he gave no anwser “don’t you know I have the power to determine weather or not you live or die. so I ask do you even care??”

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