You're In Love With A Boy Named Jesse, But He Doesn't Love You

You go to the prom and wear a basic black tuxedo, the boutonniere the color of your dates dress.

You dance a few fast dances and everyone says you’re awesome, and you blush the color of your dates dress.

When Jesse and his date walk in, you stop dancing and look over at him.
He walks toward you and says, “Hey guys what’s shakin?”

You can barely speak and are relieved when a loud song is played and Jesse and his date start to dance to the beat.

Back at the table, the girls having gone to the girls room, in pairs as is custom, Jesse sits opposite you. You notice his fresh haircut, spiked a little, his black eyebrows so thick.

“Is something wrong, buddy, you look lost in space, I said, you havin a good time, Rachel sure is a hottie”, Jesse says, as he playfully slaps you on the back.

It’s the first he’s touched you since you’d hi-fived after you hit the homerun in the Founders Day game.

You’re in love with him, but you know he will never return those feelings.
The girls return and you get up and dance.

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