I want to take this moment and freeze-frame it. I want to have it in an album, to look back on, to see how happy I once was. I want to display it on a shelf, for all to see, and I want to hide it, so that it is for no one’s eyes but mine.

I want to take the feel of your arms around me and store it in a bottle, to get out when I’m lonely and afraid. I want the love in your eyes to stay there forever, but I know it won’t. So I want to wrap it up and save it.

I want to remember the sound of your voice in my ear forever. I want to record it onto a disk, and never let it get too far away. I don’t want to forget, in all the years that will follow.

I want to take this moment and write it out into a song; a song with gentle chords and a lilting lullaby. A song without words, because I don’t know if I could find the right ones. A song to listen to on a summer’s night. I’d like to close my eyes and let it wash over me, let it envelope my very being.

Yes, I want to freeze-frame this moment. But I cannot.

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