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Stacy dropped the bloody knife and slumped to the floor.
She couldn’t look at the body; she coudn’t think or move and the tears streamed down her empty face.
He lay dead on the kitchen floor from multipule stab wounds.
Lucus Dunn predator, son, product of over protective controlling parents.
His first experince of freedom was on his computer at age fifteen.
He started in chat rooms moving to a private rooms, it was a game; something he could control.
Within a year he was hacking and could access their personal information.
After graduation he became a computer tech.
Giving him access to homes, offices and this was the last piece of the puzzle he needed.
She was pretty, a twenty yr old agoraphobic.
She sat in front her computer everyday making the life she couldn’t lead outside her apartment.
The chat line, her life line.
He tried to make conversation while he worked, she made it clear wasn’t interested.
He contacted her that night but the chat wasn’t enough for him; he access her camera.

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