Secret Validation

Why do you keep checking your Ficlets homepage? And what is Ficlets anyway?”

“Go back to watching 24 and stay out of my business!”

“You aren’t trying to hook up with people, are you?”

“NO! It’s not even like that…It’s a place to write stories and I want to see if anyone read mine yet, and what kind of rating it’s going to get.”

“Really, is it that serious?”

“I know that it seems stupid to you, but it has sort of become a hobby. It’s better than seeing how many random people I can get to be my friend, like you do on Myspace.”

“I can’t help it that I have a profile that can’t be refused.”

“Whatever, at least I won’t pick up any crazy stalkers or be publicly humiliated. You really should think twice about posting those party pic…somebody finally read it! “

“What are you talking about?”

“Somebody just read the last story I posted and they gave it five stars! They left a comment too, let’s see what they said…â€?

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