Were Here 3 { I'm Watching}

Lucus lifted the bag; his mother voice echoed in his head “Now Luke that’s not the proper way to pack a bag”.
He gritted his teeth and shook his head.
He walked to the door, snatched the keys off the table, “Luke be home by nine, take care of that car” his father voice yelled.
“Shut up both of you , your dead, I know you are, I killed you both” , he shouted slamming the door behind him.
Luke struggle to drive across town,his parents bickering inside his head ” what did we tell you bout that music, it’s the devil’s music” , “Mom”!
“Slow this car down son your not in a race”.
He pulled into the parking garage and put on the ski mask and gloves then admired the knife again, pleased.
Then climbed the fire escape.
“Careful you don’t fall”
The window was open a crack ; he could see her, “whore” the voice shouted.
Luke’s head twitched as he slide his fingers under the window pane easing it open.
He used his body to hold her down, placed the blade against her throat then kissed her.

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